Why Endangered?

When the shop was just an idea in my head I pondered the name.

It had to be all about the future of our children, grandchildren, our country. 

What could capture this?

‘For the Children’? ‘Australia’s Future’? ‘Support Australia’?

 Then it came to me . . .  Endangered.

Australian manufacturing is endangered.

If animals are endangered they will not exist in the future unless we look after, nurture and support them, yes?  Australian manufacturing is going the same way.  For it to survive and thrive, we need to support and maintain it. 

The last Australian car manufacturer, Holden, closed in October 2017 signalling the loss of 2,900 jobs in Port Melbourne, a town that didn’t need a blow like that. This is part of the alarming trend where Australia’s GDP dropped from  280,000 AUD million to 26,118 AUD million in nine years. This drop was despite our population growth.

For me there is joy in buying Australian made, for example, to know that everything I wear is made in Australia, even my underwear! I love a challenge and challenge it is to find products made in Australia.

Appreciating good quality, I support products that have not travelled too many miles, so reducing my carbon footprint. I also love the thought that I’ve helped employ someone in this country, which still has environmental, industrial and social standards worth supporting.

If shopping ethically resonates with you, pop into our Woodend store or shop online … before it’s too late!

Website:   www.endangeredausmade.com.au

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Instagram:  endangered_woodend

Ref:  https://tradingeconomics.com/australia/gdp-from-manufacturing

Matt Johnston, Phillip Hudson, HeraldSun, December 11, 2013 10:44pm